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Small Animal Reproductive Services

We offer a variety of small animal reproductive services

Transcervical Artifical Insemination

Transcervical insemination (TCI) is a technique that is popular because it can be used with any form of semen (fresh, fresh-chilled, and frozen). It is one of the few options that should be used with frozen or poor-quality semen. It is a good option for large and giant breed dogs and when only one breeding can be performed but can be performed on small and mid-sized dogs. This technique uses an endoscope to visualize a catheter being carefully passed into the cervix to allow the sperm to be deposited directly into the uterus for the best chance of conception.

Surgical Artifical Insemination

This technicque is used with frozen or very poor-quality semen. It is also a good choice for older females, females with poor fertility, and those with uterine pathology. This procedure does require the use of anesthesia. An incision is made into the abdomen, and the uterus is found. The semen is injected either into the uterine body or at the base of either horn. It is generally not preferred due to the invasive nature of the procedure, however, for important breedings, the conception rates can be as high as 100 percent when the estrus cycle has been appropriately managed.

On Site Progesterone Testing

Progesterone testing is very important in planning the timing for any artificial insemination or any other breeding service. It also can be important when planning cesarean sections for high-risk pregnancies. Our lab equipment allows us to perform onsite progesterone testing for breeding or planned cesarean section purposes. The test can be performed in-house and results are obtained within minutes of walking into the clinic.

Stud Collection and Evaluation

Whether you are collecting a stud for AI on your own dog or sending it across the country, we are here to help with collection, semen evaluation, extension and shipping.

Cesarean Sections

Our highly trained staff provides excellent care to both the dam and puppies during and after a C-section. We provide planned cesarean sections for high-risk pregnancies as well as emergency c-sections when things get complicated.

Litter Inspections

We offer litter inspections for any puppies that are being adopted out so that the customers can know that they are receiving healthy puppies. When performing litter inspections we are looking at a variety of body parts including, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, abdomen, the heart and looking at general health. Some of the most common defects we find are heart murmurs, hernias, and cleft palates

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